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Candy Box Review - April 2015 - Canadian Candy Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Candy Box
How Much? Mini Box: $20/month or Big Box: $40/month. Shipping included on both plans. (US$)
What’s in it? Mini box contains 7-12 items and Big Box contains 15-20 items. The candy is a mix of hard and soft candy and chocolate.

Candy Box is a new Canadian subscription service, based in Vancouver, BC. Candy Box "Candy Experts" source candies and treats from Canada, Europe, Mexico, Asia, UK, and the US. They put together a curated box each month and ship it to you on the 20th. There are two boxes to choose from. The Mini Box is $20 per month and will include 7-12 items. The Big Box is $40 per month and includes 15-20 items. Discounts are available for 3, 6, and 12 month terms.

First Look

I priced out this box as best I could to give readers an idea of what sort of value this box brings. All the price estimates are linked to their source, and are based on wholesale pricing, in US dollars.

The two plastic eggs were empty, and I'm not sure why they were in the box. 

E. Frutti Gummi Candy Mini Burger (2 x $0.15 = $0.30)
Hold the ketchup and mustard... these delicious gummy burgers have all the flavor you need! Take a bite out of the entire chewy cheeseburger at once, or remove the gummy buns from the gummy meat, cheese, and lettuce to indulge in each piece separately.

Gold Chocolate Half Dollar Coins (5 x $0.18 = $0.92)
Scrumptious gold metallic foiled chocolate coins featuring the classic United States currency half dollar design: John F. Kennedy's bust on one side and the American eagle crest on the other. Fifty cents never tasted do good!

Rockets (2 x ~$0.05 = $0.10)
Rockets are a classic Canadian Halloween treat!

Wonka Pixy Stix (4 x $0.05 = $0.20)
Invented in the 1930s, the sweet treat named "Frutola" began as a deliciously tangy powdered drink mix. However, candy connoisseur J. Fish Smith quickly realized that more often than not, kids were merely eating the tasty mix straight from the package rather than combining it with water. He decided to capitalize on this trend by adding a spoon to each pouch. But by the 1950s, parents were growing annoyed with the messes caused by continuous spilling. So after careful deliberation, a new product was born: the clean and simple Pixy Sticks powder straws!

Wonka Sweetarts (142g, $2)
Sweet and tartness combined to make a treat that will bring you back for seconds!
These were way more sour than I remembered! More tart than sweet. I have no idea how I ate them as a kid.

Skittles Dark Side (2oz, $1)
Somewhere, on the other side of the rainbow, is a place tasting of dangerous and exotic fruits. Darkside Skittles feature the same chewy, bite-sized candies as the originals with a new degree of intense fruit taste.
I love Skittles and these ones were great with fun new flavours like pomegranate, dark berry, forbidden fruit, and midnight lime, and blood orange.

Annabelle's Abba-Zaba Chew Taffy with Peanut Butter Center (2oz. $1.25) 
An old-fashioned favorite candy bar made of chewy taffy with a peanut butter center. A West Coast tradition that goes back to the 1920’s acquired from the Cardinet Company.

Bonomo Chocolate Turkish Taffy (1.5oz, $1.50)
Sweet and chewy, these delicious chocolate flavored taffy bars are sure to bring the memories rushing back.

Red Vines Bar (2.5oz, $1.50)
A little more block-like than their twisty cousins, these Red Vine Bars are a superb way to really wrap your palate around the fun, fruity flavor and soft, chewy texture of this premium quality licorice.

Air Heads in Pink Lemonade (.55oz, $0.25) 
Stretchy and chewy taffy bars featuring a tangy pink lemonade flavor!

Mike & Ike Root Beer Float (5oz, $2)
In some parts of the U.S., a root beer float is called a "black cow." In other places, a black cow is made with regular cola. A root beer float is still a root beer float. All is right with the world. Mike and Ike’s crisp, peppy, root-beer-flavored candies will tickle your taste buds no matter what you call them. Buy it today and accept no dusky, bovine substitutes.
These were my favourite thing in the box. Root beer candies are hard to find so when I find them, I hoard them!

Jelly Belly Draft Beer Jelly Beans (3.5oz, $2.50)
Requested by candy lovers for decades, the beer-flavored bean took over three years for Jelly Belly to perfect. The crisp, effervescent flavor of these golden orbs (which sparkle with an iridescent finish reminiscent of the condensation of a freshly poured beverage) was inspired by Hefeweizen, and the ale flavored confection pays homage to Jelly Belly’s German ancestry.
These alcohol-free jelly beans really do taste like beer. They are odd, but weirdly addictive.

Atkinson's Black Cow Chewy Chocolate Caramel Candy (1.5oz, $1.25)
The Black Cow was once the chocolate-dipped cousin to caramel suckers like the Slo Poke and the Sugar Daddy. The Black Cow, with its lollipop predecessor dating back as far as the 1920’s, is now a full-sized candy bar—not just for suckers anymore.

Wonka Bottle Caps (50g, $1)
Pop a yummy Bottle Caps candy into your mouth for a surprising sweet tart soda sensation!

Peter Paul Almond Joy Bar (1.61oz, $1)
Sweet coconut and plump almonds smothered in delicious milk chocolate!

Mentos in Fresh Cola (37.5 g, $1.49)
Mentos- Cola Fresh are delicious chewy, refreshing cola flavored candies in a roll, imported from Holland. They have an outer shell and a soft center. They taste like a freshly served, delightful, refreshing cola beverage.

Goetze's Cow Tales in Caramel Apple (1oz, $0.45)  
Now you can savor all the flavor without dealing with the downsides thanks to Goetze’s Caramel Apple Cow Tails! These deliciously chewy sticks are perfect, individually-wrapped, hand-held snacks that can be brought along anywhere, for a delicious caramel apple treat on the go!

Wonka Lik-m-aid Fun Dip (42.5g, $1) 
Sweet candy powder in a nifty 3-flavor combo pack with 2 candy dipping sticks. Instructions: Dip and Lick

Starburst Tropical (2.07oz, $1)
Delicious tropical chewy candy squares. Flavors include: Mango Melon, Pina Colada, Strawberry Banana and Royal Berry Punch.

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme Bar (1.55oz, $1)
The classic treat of cookies and milk.... formed into a yummy candy bar! The Hershey factory combines chocolate cookie bits with white chocolate to create this taste sensation.

Koko's Confectionery & Novelty Candy Fan (0.5oz, $1)
Candy Fans are fun and colorful fans with fruity candy inside. Candy Fans make great summer treats! 

Kenny's Candy Company Dr. Pepper Flavoured Candy Twists (142g, $3)
Dr Pepper's authentic blend of 23 flavors is now available in a chewy candy twist.
This was my second favourite candy. Dr. Pepper and licorice!

The April "Big Box" from Candy Box included 22 different candies (31 items total) with an approximate value just under $26 US. It's a lower value than the cost paid, but it's important to note that my price estimates are mostly based on wholesale pricing. If you purchased all of these products on your own at retail stores, you would probably be paying 10-25% more. The subscription price also includes shipping, which is quite expensive in Canada. The per piece price works out to about $1.29 which is completely reasonable. I've reviewed a few different candy boxes over the past few months, and to be quite honest, this is the only one that really excited me. The quantity, variety, and quality of treats is exceptional. I was excited to see old favourites, as well as fun new varieties and flavours. I was impressed to see that pretty well every piece (aside from the bulk candies) was full size. I would have liked to see more chocolate, but that's just a personal preference.

If you are interested in trying Candy Box, you can save 10% off your first month by entering promo code CDNBOXADDICT at checkout.

Click here to check out Candy Box.

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Curiosity Box - Summer Promo!

What is it? Curiosity Box
How Much? 3 months $77.85 ($25.95 per box), 6 months $149.70 ($24.94 per box), 12 months $282.60 ($23.95 per box). Sibling Add-On available for each plan for an additional $11.95 per month. Prices include shipping.
What’s in it? Themed box includes all instructions and supplies for 3 quality crafts and 1 unique activity for children aged 3-7.

Curiosity Box is a Canadian subscription service that sends a monthly box of crafts and activities to make it easy and convenient for parents to engage in creative time with their children. Curiosity Box has some great box themes lined up for summer time and for a limited time, they are offering $10 off a 3-month subscription. Use promo code SUMMER at checkout to claim the discount. This deal ends May 15, 2015.

See my past Curiosity Box review here.

Click here to check out Curiosity Box.

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Glossybox Review - April 2015 - Beauty Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This post contains affiliate links.
What is it? GLOSSYBOX
How much? $21/month plus $5 shipping (US$). Save on 3, 6, & 12 month subscriptions.
What's in it? 5
surprise luxury beauty products packaged in a glossy pink gift box

Glossybox is a deluxe beauty sampling program, operating in more than a dozen countries worldwide. They consider themselves the "leading purveyor of luxury beauty samples on a global stage". Glossybox US started shipping to Canada in November 2014.

Glossybox made a quiet change recently and it needs to be addressed. Since the start of the year, Glossybox has been sending out boxes with slight variations. In the past, each monthly box contained the same five items. Now there will be a selection of items (8-10 items, for example), and subscribers will each get 5 items from the selection. There is no way to guarantee which samples you will receive. Glossybox has said the version you will receive is based on your beauty profile, age, location, and sign-up date. With this change, Glossybox is a more expensive version of Ipsy. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's something to keep in mind when subscribing based on advance preview blogger reviews - you may not receive the same version featured in the review.

I posted about an April sneak peek on April 1st. My April Glossybox shipped April 10 and arrived April 20th. Occasionally Glossybox sends me a complimentary box early in the month for review purposes. This month, my review box didn't arrive until April 23. It's not much of a preview when it comes that late, so this review is for the box from my paid subscription.

The box this month is another special edition box. This one is very cool and pays homage to pop art.  There were a few colour variations. My other box has a pink background, the promo image has a yellow background, and I've also seen some with blue backgrounds. Glossybox has been doing these special edition designs more often. I really like the change.

Product card

Second look - a bonus item!

As a bonus, every April box included an exclusive Glossybox + Thursday Friday cosmetic pouch. These normally go for $35 on the Thursday Friday website, but this one doesn't seem to be as good quality as the regular ones. It's still a nice bonus, but it's probably worth more like $10-15. Inside the pouch was a Mystery gift discount card. Mine was good for 50% off my entire purchase. Incidentally, you can also score 50% off your entire purchase at Thursday Friday by signing up for their e-mail list.

Aerin Waterlily Sun Perfume (0.3oz, $15)
Like sunlight reflecting on water, bright Sicilian Bergamot and Lush Dewy Greens entice the senses for an invigorating, luminous first impression. Delicate, yet alluring Waterlily and softly exotic Jasmine Sambac add layers of depth and intensity, warmed by sweetly inviting Musk. The effect is bright, dewy and fresh.
I don't mind this scent at all. It's nice and fresh, as described. I have so much perfume though so I will probably gift this one.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Stained Gloss in New Wave ($18)
A gloss that combines the pigment potency of Lip Tar with a casual glossy finish.
New Wave is described as a "glassy neon pink". The tube is full size, but the Sephora version comes with a lip brush as well.

Julep Gel Eye Glider in Bronze Shimmer ($16)
Clinically proven to last for 10+ hours, this easy-to-use eye pencil delivers the creamy formula & intense color payoff of a gel eyeliner. The waterproof formula glides on, sets in 30 seconds, and then stays put. Because eyeliner shouldn’t stand in the way of adventures.I'm always a little surprised to see Julep in a subscription box other than the Julep Maven box. I don't mind receiving Julep cosmetics though, because I've been skipping boxes for months. I haven't tried most of their newly released products.

Marrakesh Endz Split End Mender & Preventer (1oz, $5.99)
Our powerful blend of nutrient-rich Argan Oil, from Morocco, ultra fortifying Hemp Seed Oil, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, and Panthenol seals and repairs split ends, while preventing future damage. Ends will naturally look and feel thicker with long lasting frizz and static control.
I noticed a few split ends the other day so this comes at a good time!

Estee Lauder Englighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum (0.24oz, $15)
Reduces the look of dullness, uneven skintone.For some reason skincare samples like these never wow me. I gave this one to my mom, because she is really appreciating serums and anti-aging products these days.

My April  Glossybox contained five products, plus a bonus makeup pouch. The retail value of the beauty products is $70 US. This box costs Canadians $26 US, including shipping so it's good value. There's a nice mix of products and the pouch is a great bonus.

If you are interested in signing up for Glossybox, they are offering a free Mother's Day Glossybox with a new annual subscription sign up. Use promo code MOTHERSD2015 at checkout to claim your free box. This promo code is good while supplies last. Once the Mother's Day boxes are sold out, the promo is over. If you sign up for Glossybox in May, you will receive the May box, while supplies last. Once the May box is sold out, new subscribers will receive the Classic Glossybox as their first box.The Classic box is a collection of Glossybox's most loved products.

Click here to sign up for Glossybox.

** UPDATE ** May spoilers are starting to trickle out. One of the items that might be included in your May box is a deluxe sample of GLAMGLOW POWERMUD DUALCLEANSE TREATMENT.

The "Gift with Purchase" deal for May is out as well. New subscribers can get a free Eye Powder by using promo code EYEPOWDER at checkout. Only one promo code can be used at a time and this is valid for new sign ups only. Expires May 31, 2015.

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Birchbox Canada Review - April 2015 - Canadian Beauty Subscription Box

This post contains referral links.
What is it? Birchbox Canada
How Much? $10/month plus $4.95 shipping, or $159.40/year including shipping (CDN $)
What’s in it? Five personalized beauty samples, tailored to your profile.

Birchbox is the premiere beauty sampling service in the US and it's the service that launched the entire beauty box craze. Established in New York in 2010 by two friends, Birchbox now has operations in the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, and most recently, Canada!

The only crummy part about Birchbox in Canada is that the Canadian site is completely separate from the US site. On the plus side, we are billed in Canadian dollars and the box ships from within Canada, but the Canadian site doesn't offer all the cool perks and promos that the US site gets (Birchbox Aces, Sample Choice, Limited Edition boxes etc). The samples are different too. To get an idea of what sort of samples you might receive, scroll through the Birchbox CA shop and check out the brands. They've been adding more and more every month.

April's box was supposed to be a specially designed floral version by Rifle Paper Co. I was super bummed when I opened my mailing box and found the plain brown box. The same thing happened to other subscribers last month. For some reason they never produce enough of the specially designed boxes.
This month's fresh blooms and fresh air have put a bounce in our step, and we're thrilled to update our look. That's why we've put together a selection of beauty picks perfect for spring (hello, new colors and trends).
Every month, full size versions of the sampled products are available for purchase with free shipping. This applies to all the products sampled during the month, not just the ones you received. 

First look

BeeKind Shower Gel (30ml, $2.38)
This richly foaming cleanser comes infused with nourishing honey, organic calendula, and not a small amount of eco-friendly good karma. So lather up, soak in the fresh lemon verbena scent, and then go ahead and pat yourself on the back.
BeeKind donates a portion of proceeds to honeybee research at the University of California. This gel smells fresh and lemony.  

Templespa Peace Be Still Calming Face & Body Balm (25ml, $4.83)
This luxurious cream is a blend of aromatherapy and skincare, with a soothing, sophisticated fragrance from essential oils and an infusion of botanicals to nourish skin. Vitamin B5 softens and hydrates, while lemon, coriander, and nutmeg extracts fend off damaging free radicals, calm inflammation, and stimulate skin. This lush moisturizer absorbs quickly for a silky, never-greasy feel.
I don't really like the smell of this one but the non-greasy formula is nice.

Jelly Pong Pong Glow Getter Luminizer Gel (4ml full size, $16)
This weightless gel highlighter is oil-free and made with 80 percent water, which gives it an incredibly lightweight texture that also won’t clog pores. The pearlescent pigments in the formula give skin a subtle, luminous shimmer. Better still, this gel is hypoallergenic and free of mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, and sulfates.
This is similar to Benefit High Bean, but the applicator is a strange little mini paint brush.

LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Menatour (2g, $17.85)
Unlike some glosses that simply provide a nice shine, this lip lube channels softening shea butter, which moisturizes and fills in any unsightly lines, and is infused with refreshing mint. Available in an array of wearable, softly pigmented shades.
This is a very generously sized sample. A full size is 2.8g.  The colour isn't for me though.

Lulu Organics Hair Powder in Lavender & Clary Sage (2 x 5g, $3.20) 
Most dry shampoos are made with talc, a controversial ingredient that may have carcinogenic properties (scary, no?). But Lulu Organics®’s version is formulated with organic corn starch, rice powder, white clay, and pure essential oils, so you never have to worry. The sweet-smelling powder helps you achieve the look of just-washed hair no matter how long it’s been since your last shampoo. 
I love hair powders for travel and non-wash days. These pouches will be great for vacation.

The April 2015 Birchbox Canada included five products with an estimated retail value just over $44 Canadian. I paid $13.28 CDN for this box (with a year long subscription) so it's a great value. The samples are all generous sizes. I like that they included a mix of items, with makeup, bath & body, and hair products.

What did you get in your April Birchbox?

Click here to check out Birchbox Canada.

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Project Candy Box Review - April 2015 - Canadian Candy Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Project Candy Box
How much? $23/month plus tax and $7 shipping (Canada wide)
What's in it? At surprise assortment of at least 10 different candy items

Project Candy Box is a Canadian candy subscription service that sends a monthly box of sweets from around the world. Each month you will receive an assortment of different candies and treats, tied together with a theme. I first posted about Project Candy Box back in September 2014. I also reviewed their Launch Box in December 2014. Read my previous review here.

Every month will be a different experience and a fun, new way to sample new treats. From sweet to sour, gummy to chocolate, old to new and near to far, our candy combinations have been carefully crafted to wow your taste buds.
Instead of a product info sheet, the details are posted online each month. You can learn more about the April box here.  
This month, Project Candy Box subscribers are enjoying a box full of candy and chocolate inspired by Easter! We hope you enjoyed the month of April and are happy to say goodbye to the cold and depressing Canadian winter. April is a time to celebrate not only Easter but the beautiful weather and colors that we see in spring!
At first the box looked packed full, but upon closer inspection, there was a layer of packing peanuts on the bottom of the box.

Cadbury Fudgee-O Egg and Cadbury Caramilk Egg
New on the market this year are a spin on yolk filled Cadbury eggs. These delicious chocolate and caramel filled eggs by Cadbury and Christie are extremely rich. Hard to split it up, the easiest thing to do is tear it open and pop the whole thing into your mouth.
Caramilk is my fave! I gave the Fudgee-O to a friend and she could only finish half of it. Tsk Tsk.

Simple Chocolate Eggs (x2)
Classic chocolate eggs are a must in any Easter package. These simple milk chocolate treats are extremely nostalgic and are a reminder that sometimes it is the simple things in life that often taste the best. 
I'm not a fan of eggs like these. The chocolate isn't very good quality and they didn't taste great.

Mighty Malts Speckled Malted Milk Mini Eggs
Who isn't a fan of chocolate covered malt balls? What about chocolate covered malt EGGS?! Super cute and very appropriate for this holiday, enjoy how easily these malt chocolate eggs melt in your mouth.I guess I'm the only one who is not a fan of malted milk balls. I think it's a texture thing. These were passed to my co-workers.

Candy Land Fruit Salad Raspberry & Pineapple Chews
British candies are amazing. If you have been getting Project Candy Box for a few months now, you will begin to understand how candy from the UK is more flavorful and chocolate is smoother and creamier. This holds true for the raspberry and pineapple flavored chews inside of this fruit salad candy.I wasn't a fan of these either. They weren't as chewy as say, Starburst chews, and the Raspberry/Pineapple combo was kind of muddled.

Choco-Pick Crackers
Another innovative Korean creation is the Choco Pick Cracker. The best way to describe this treat is to compare it to a classic snack that you have either had in your lunchbox or packed in your children's lunchbox at one point of their lives. DUNKAROOOOOO'S! The Choco Pick Cracker has long biscuits with a section of chocolate icing and a section of sprinkles. No instructions necessary and double dipping is encouraged! Have fun with this treat. 
I love treats like this because they are tasty and fan. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy the cracker dippers of this one. They were too savoury so it made for an odd combo with chocolate and sprinkles. 

Giant Caplico Ice Cream Cone
WHAT IS THIS?! I know you are all wondering. Definitely the most unique item in our box this month. This Japanese strawberry ice cream cone has the most flavor of any item we have put in the box so far. As you begin to eat through the layer of strawberry chocolate, you will be greeted by an inside layer of pure milk chocolate. The crunchy and bubbly texture will leave you wanting more but it is definitely rich enough for one person. No shocker that this is Aaron's pick of the month. Very excited for you to try this one!
This strange thing is from Japan. The strawberry chocolate top was very light and airy, like Aero. My friend enjoyed the cone filled with chocolate.

Maynards Sour Patch Kids Beanz 
In our opinion, Maynards just does it best time and time again. These bean (or egg) jellies have just a hint of sour but are packed with fruit flavors that explode in your mouth. The semi hard shell with the soft jelly is a great combination for your taste buds. Definitely one of the top items in the box this month.
These are new to the market. I love that we get to try brand new products through Project Candy Box.

Air Heads Bites in Berry
Not sure why they call them bites because each piece of candy is about the size of 2 Maynard beanz! These chews have the great Airhead flavor that you may be used to in the past but there are new flavors like blackberry and banana berry that you need to try. The packaging is awesome and I wouldn't be surprised if you pick this package up first. Definitely one of the top items in the box this month... wait did I say that already?
This is another brand new product. I'm saving these two to share with my nieces!

Candy Land Chewy Nougat
Barratt Nougat Original is a traditional British confectionary delight comprising soft and chewy vanilla and raspberry nougat infused with tasty peanut pieces. This delicious bar of nougat is made with natural flavours and colours. Did you know: Nougat is thought to have originated in southern Europe, and the name “nougat” comes from the Latin “nux gatum” - which translates as “nut cake”.

E. Fruitti Gummy Candy Fried Eggs (x2)
There isn't much said about these gummies. They taste like peach and were pretty tasty.

Huer Super Sour Whips 
Last to the April box is a heavy dose of strawberry and sour. These sour whips are chewy and fun and if the packaging is any suggestion, it will make your neck twist round and round. If you are into that then you will really enjoy these sour whips. If you are not into that, then you will probably still enjoy this treat.
These weren't as sour as described, but they were great and they're all gone!

The April Project Candy Box included fourteen candy items. It's not easy to put a value on a box like this, since many of the snacks are sourced outside Canada, but I estimate the value to be right around the cost of the box (not including shipping). That works out to about $1.64 per item. It's a fun mix of snacks to celebrate Easter and sharing. I like that they include old favourites, as well as new products, and some treats from other countries. Asian candies and treats are always interesting!

If you are interested in trying Project Candy Box enter promo code CBACANDY10 at checkout to save 10% off your first order!

Click here for Project Candy Box.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Little Life Box Review - April 2015 - Canadian Health Conscious Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This post contains affiliate links.
This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Little Life Box
How Much? $19.99 CDN per month plus $3.95 shipping. Tax extra. Save on 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions.
What’s in it? Up to a dozen organic, natural, health conscious samples.

Little Life Box is a Canadian subscription service that sends a box full of healthy and sustainable products for you to sample and discover. Products may include snacks, cosmetics, supplements, vitamins, and more. Items included in the box vary each month, and Little Life Box guarantees that you will never receive the exact same product sample twice. A vegan option is available for purchase as well.
It's another beautifully packaged box. The tissue and enclosed gift card changes with each season and each holiday. It's a nice touch. 

First look 

Three Farmers Roasted Chickpeas in Balsamic & Cracked Pepper (120g, $5)
A sweet, acidic accent of balsamic vinegar with a kick of cracked pepper, these are a perfect salad/soup topper or a peppery little snack.

EcoTools Bamboo Cosmetic Applicators ($1.99)
Soft, durable applicators for smooth makeup application. Apply shadow smoothly with the large tip over eyelid and create depth and dimension with the small and medium tips.

GoGo Quinoa Dark Chocolate Cake Mix (180g, $2.65)
Haily from Quebec, this chocolate cake mix is gluten-free, vegan, and organic. It's made with quinoa and chia.

Camino Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar (100g, $5.49)
I love Camino chocolate and Little Life Box has exposed my taste buds to so many new Camino bars. This one is organic, fair trade, kosher, and gluten free.

Tea India Chai Moments Masala Latte Mix (2 packets, $1.16)
When it comes to experiencing the true flavor of chai, Chai Moments leaves your taste buds satisfied by providing a balance of spice and savor. Masala Chai Tea Latte Mix is the perfect combination of spices and black tea that delivers a deliciously rich chai in every cup. Just add hot water & enjoy!
These will be great for work and travel! I love chai. 

Pure Laundry Detergent (50ml sample, $0.34)
This detergent cleans, softens fabric, and reduces static. Safe for washable fabrics and colours. EFFICIENT IN COLD WATER. 95 % dissolved in water wich greatly reduces deposits and residue on clothing. Perfect for sensitive skin and babies. Great for washable diapers. Can be used on clothes as stain remover.

Pure Multipurpose Cleaner (30ml sample, $0.32)
Effective for cleaning windows, mirrors, wood, leather, walls, floors and surfaces requiring neutre pH. Quickly removes dirt without dulling, damaging or destroying floor finishes.

I love that these two samples came in little bottles instead of foil packets. The laundry soap smells great.

Grandma Emily Organic Granola Bar in Raisin Almond (1 bar, $2.50)
Organic nuts, fruits, pumpkin seeds and granola.

Cool Mama Granola Crunch Bar in Chocolate (1 bar, $2.50)
Pure chocolate blended with fruits, granola & crunchy mixed nuts.

Wow Butter (2 x 10g packet, $0.20)
Wow Butter is a Canadian peanut-free spread made of non-GM soy. They say it tastes just like PB. I haven't tried it yet, but I am curious. I discovered Sunbutter through Little Life Box, so if this is as good as that, I'm sold.

Refresh Botanicals Skincare Line (4 x 5ml samples, $2.53)
This pack includes Foaming Facial Cleanser. Eye & Face Makeup Remover, Daily Facial Moisturizer. and Facial Toner. It's all 99.7% natural or naturally derived, free of parabens, and contains no artificial fragrances, oils, or alcohols.

The April Little Life Box contained 10 products and samples with an approximate value just under $25. This month's box contains a variety of items, including food and snacks, cleaning products, and beauty products. The variety of products is one of the best aspects of Little Life Box. I love that they include beauty and household products along with food items. It's great to sample green alternatives without committing to a full size version. 

If you are interested in ordering a one month trial box to see what Little Life Box has to offer (rather than committing to a month-to-month recurring subscription), you can use promo code jill20 to get 20% off the cost of a trial box. This brings the cost down to $21.55 plus tax, including shipping. If you order before April 30th, you will receive the May box. The May box will contain 100% Fair Trade items so it's bound to be good. If you'd rather jump right in and go for a month-to-month subscription, you can save 25% on your first box by using promo code april25 at checkout. This deal ends April 30th so sign up quickly!

Click here if you are interested in trying Little Life Box.

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