Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Popbasic - New Limited Edition Frankie Collection Available

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What is it? Popbasic
How Much? Between $50-100 per collection, with free shipping (does not cover duties/tax). Save $15 off your first order using my referral link.
What's in it? Three-piece micro collection plus a beauty or lifestyle surprise from a partnering company.
Popbasic is a fashion service based in San Francisco, California. Popbasic believes "staples are a necessity in every wardrobe".  Popbasic produces "beautiful, luxurious pieces so you can build your wardrobe over time". It's not a subscription service. If you sign up to receive one collection, you will not automatically receive the next one. Instead, Popbasic releases details on each collection and let's you decide whether or not you want to purchase it. 

Basics should be beautiful, super soft, but most of all fun!

The Frankie Collection was released today. This collection includes a long sleeve top, a scarf, and a leather belt. The collection is selling for $78, with free worldwide shipping.

Grey Marl Long Sleeve Top - Another super soft piece to add to your wardrobe. The top has a scooped back giving you an casual look when paired with skinny jeans and boots. 

Petit Dot Scarf - Pair this with your Forever Dress for a sweet Fall look, or with your Grey Marl Long Sleeve Top and jeans for an easy weekend outfit.

Milk Leather Belt - Wear with your Grey Marl Long Sleeve Top and skinny jeans for when you’re going casual or belted over a dress for the office. One size fits all. 100% leather. Rose gold hardware.

I've decided to pass on this collection, only because I already have other pieces very similar to these ones.

Are you interested in the Frankie Collection from Popbasic? New subscribers can save $15 off your first order using my referral link.

Beauty Box 5 Review - October 2014 - Beauty Subscription Box + PROMO CODES

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What is it? Beauty Box 5
How Much? $12/month, $30/quarter, $99/year  plus $3 shipping per box
What's in it? 5 samples from your favourite beauty brands 
Beauty Box 5 is a beauty sampling service that sends 5 deluxe or full sized products every month. The boxes ship from Houston, Texas and usually take 1-2 weeks to arrive. BB5 does not provide tracking information or e-mail notification once the box ships. According to the shipping label this box shipped October 6, and arrived October 15th. Not bad at all.

The theme for October is "Effortless Allure".
As you're getting cozy while Autumn settles in, welcome glorious simplicity. Show off flawless skin with hydrated lips, add a few pops of color and you've got all it takes to look pulled together.
First look

Spatty - Extend Your Beauty Cosmetic Tool (6", $5.49)
I already have something similar to this and I never use it... I should really dig it out and put it to use. It is a practical tool.

ChapStick Dual Ended Hydration Lock 24 Hour Care ($2.99)
This is kind of boring, but useful none the less.

Nanacoco Nail Polish in Romantic Cruise ($3.95)
This colour is from the Spring 2014 collection. It would have been nice to have received fall or winter colours. 

Lashem Picture Perfect Instant Wrinkle Reducer (5ml, $14)
This tube is huge but is mostly filled with air. Lashem has basically put the equivalent of a foil sample (0.17oz) into a container that can hold a full ounce. Packaging aside, I am looking forward to trying this product. A full size is 14ml (0.5oz) for $40!

BellaPierre Cosmetics Cheek & Lip Stain in Pink (5g full size, $19.99)
I've received lots of BellaPierre shadows and bronzers, but never a lip product. It looks nice and adds subtle colour. I just received another one as an Ipsy bonus, so this one is on my sell/swap board.

The October Beauty Box 5 contained five products, with an estimated retail value of $46.42. Most of the value is in the Cheek & Lip Stain (which I find grossly overpriced) and the tiny Lashem sample. It's somewhat annoying that we received a Lashem product and a nail polish last month as well. It's actually the third month in a row that we've received nail polish from Beauty Box 5. More variety would be nice. For me, the ChapStick is the most exciting part of the box. Regardless of my lack of enthusiasm over this box, it's one of the better offering from BB5 this year. And considering I paid less than $10 for this box (with a year subscription & promo code), I won't complain too much. :)

Beauty Box 5 is still the most affordable subscription box out there, even with the new $3/month Canadian shipping charge. On a year subscription, the per box cost works out to $11.25, with shipping. It's a great intro box for those just getting into subscription boxes - just don't expect anything too exciting, new, or innovative. If you are interested in trying Beauty Box 5, there are still a few promo codes available to use. You can only use one code so choose wisely!
  • YEARLY84 will get you a year subscription for $84.15, plus $36 for the year of shipping ($3 per box). That works out to $10 per box, including shipping. This is the best deal around.
  • FREEBOXME or FREEBOX1 will get you the previous month's box free! This code is for new subscribers only.
  • HALFOFF will get you $6 off your first month's box. This is a good one for those that only want to sign up for a monthly or quarterly term.

Click here to sign up for Beauty Box 5.

Click here to see all my BB5 reviews.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Rockettes® Fancy Box Review - October 2014 - Lifestyle Subscription Box

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What is it? Rockettes® Fancy Box
How Much? $39 per month, plus $17 shipping to Canada
What's in it? Check here

Fancy Box is a monthly subscription box filled with cool and wonderful things. Some boxes are curated by Fancy editors and some are curated by celebrities. Click here to see all the available boxes from Fancy. Fancy Box ships via FedEx, and takes less than a week to arrive.

The Rockettes® Fancy Box is one of the newer boxes offered by Fancy Box. The world famous Rockettes® are a precision dance company founded in 1925. Since 1932 they have performed at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan (source).

As with all Fancy Boxes, this box has a guaranteed minimum value of $80 (retail prices). The Rockettes® box is supposed to contain "their favorite items, from dance to beauty, fashion to fitness". I received the very first Rockettes® box last month, and it was a great box. I was hoping for the same in October. The Rockettes® even posted a comment on my Instagram that said "Stay tuned for our fall-themed October box!"... a bit of a spoiler there!

When my box finally arrived, it was so light, I thought it was empty. When I opened it up and removed all the packing paper, the box was nearly empty. There was no product card either.

Echo Design Slouchy Hat & Fingerless Gloves (~$50)
I couldn't find this anywhere online. Fancy is selling a different style of Echo Fingerless Gloves for $35 and a similar style hat goes for $35 on the Echo Website. Based on that, I estimated the value somewhere in the middle. Given that this set isn't sold online anymore, it's probably old stock from a previous season.

Kitsch Deco Bun Pin in Silver ($24)
At first I was thinking this wasn't something for me, but I occasionally sport a sock bun, so this might be a fun accessory to try, especially around the holidays. The model pictures on the Kitsch website make them look really nice.

DCER Temporary Tattoos ($6.42 US - converted from 5 euros)
I don't get the appeal of temporary tattoos on adults.

Ultra Mod Hand Chain ($25)
What the? From other reviews I saw, people received this pretty and delicate bracelet from LyndyLou Designs. And I got this monstrosity. Not only is it hideous, but it arrived broken. The chain is not supposed to be like that above, the two ends are supposed to be connected. As well, the bracelet itself is all bent out of shape and warped. My last Rockette's Fancy box had a broken item as well. I can probably fix the chain with some pliers and try to bend the cuff back into shape... and then it will be added to the donation pile.
The October Rockettes® Fancy Box included four items, with an estimated retail value of $105. Despite the decent value, this is easily the most disappointing box I have EVER received from Fancy. On Instagram, the Rockette's told me about their upcoming "fall-themed" October box. What I received was a knit hat and gloves with a three other random items. There is nothing fall-themed about this box. While the products do fall into the categories of fashion and dance, I don't feel like this is a box that really represents the Rockettes and I have a hard time believing they had any part in the curation of this box. It's the same feeling I had after the disappointing September Nicky Hilton Fancy Box. It feels like the products were haphazardly thrown together without much thought or care and the lack of product info card supports that.

I've cancelled my subscription to the Rockettes® Fancy Box.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Topbox Review - October 2014 - Canadian Beauty Subscription Box

What is it? Topbox
How Much? $12 per month plus tax, shipping included
What’s in it?  4 deluxe beauty samples  
Topbox is a Canadian subscription service that sends four deluxe samples from top beauty brands each month. Topbox is the premiere monthly beauty subscription box in Canada and at only $12 per month, it's a great intro box for those interested in what the beauty box craze is all about.

A couple months ago, when I filled in Topbox my wishlist selections, I remember there was a question asking if there are London Drugs stores in my area. I checked yes. London Drugs is a chain of drug stores across BC and Alberta. It's like Shoppers Drug Mart, but not at nice. I was very curious when I opened up my bubble mailer and found the blue London Drugs Topbox.

All of these products are available for purchase at London Drugs, however I could only find one of them on the London Drugs website.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum (5ml, $12)
This sheer lightweight liquid serum with micro-caplets activates when dispensed, providing a refreshing burst that initially clings to skin then dries to a smooth weightless finish. Use to help reinforce skin's essential moisture barrier, even skin tone, retexturize, and reduce the appearance of first signs of aging. Rejuvenates the look of tired skin for a more energized complexion.

Vichy Purete Thermale Foaming Water Radiance Revealer (50ml, $19.50 - full size!) 
Purifying Foaming Water is a clear water that transforms into high-density foam on contact with water to remove impurities from skin and restore radiance and freshness. 

Mineral Fusion Sheer Moisture Lip Tint in Glisten (3g, $9.99 - full size!)
100% pure mineral shades in our ultra-hydrating lip tint formula infused with cocoa butter and a lip-firming peptide. Sheer, buildable mineral color provides long-lasting hydration that applies effortlessly on-the-go with no mirror required. This gluten free formula with a refreshing vanilla-mint flavor is hypo-allergenic and artificial color free.

Prestige Cosmetics Back to Black 100% Natural Line & Care for Sensitive Skin in Black Matte (full size, $7.99)
Prestige Cosmetics 100% Natural Line & Care For Sensitive Skin is a  4 hr long lasting eyeliner. Ideal for sensitive skin. 100% plant-derived skin conditioning ingredients. Designed with jojoba, mango seed, meadow foam seed, macadamia and cotton seed oils. Soft and  even application.

The October Topbox, sponsored by London Drugs, contained four products with an estimated retail value of $49.98! I paid $13.44 for this box ($12 plus 12% tax) so it's a great value. I haven't received a Topbox worth this much since April! Even better, three of the four products are full size. Topbox isn't known for sending out full size products, so this was a nice surprise. I'm happy with the Vichy product and the Elizabeth Arden sample. I'd never heard of the Mineral Fusion brand before now, and I like lip crayons so I will definitely get use out of that one. The eyeliner is all natural and supposed to be non-irritating and waterline safe, but I prefer liquid liner so I will be adding it to my sell/swap board. With the high product value and number of full size products, I'm happy with this box.

If you are interested in trying Topbox, click here.

Friday, 17 October 2014

FabFitFun VIP Review - Fall 2014 - Lifestyle Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it? FabFitFun VIP
How Much? $49.99 per quarter, plus $8 shipping to Canada
What’s in it? Full-size premium beauty, fashion, fitness, and wellness finds, valued at least $100
FabFitFun VIP is a US based lifestyle subscription box for women. They started shipping to Canada in the Summer and the shipping cost is a very reasonable $8! FabFitFun is a beauty and lifestyle e-zine that is associated to E! News and Giuliana Rancic. Every 3 months, the editors of FabFitFun send out a mystery VIP box filled with their favourite products as well as must have products of the season.

I absolutely LOVED my Summer Edition box, so I was really looking forward to Fall. I read spoilers online prior to receiving my box, so I knew what to expect. It's still fun to unbox it though!

Huge product card!

 First look

Jesse Steel Cream & Black Polka Dot Josephine Apron ($32)
With its flirty ruffle hem and pocket bow detail the feminine Josephine is perfect for today's hostess.
This was one of the first spoilers released by FabFitFun. The other colour options were pink or brown. I'm happy with cream. I left it in the packaging because I am going to be gifting it as part of a fabulous Christmas present!

Great Soles Ballet Barre Sock ($12)
Customers love this ballet inspired sock for studio classes. This feminine treaded sock features elastic straps and accents to add style to your workout. A cotton blend fabric and a heel tread boosts performance for the perfect studio accessory.
I don't practice yoga or Pilates so I will put these towards a Christmas gift for a yoga loving friend. 

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster (30ml full size,$56)
A super- saturated hydrating fluid concentrate to help revitalize dry, parched skin. Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Glycolipids and nutrient-rich Algae Extract help restore moisture balance and hydrate tissues to smooth skin, improve suppleness and minimize fine dryness lines.
This was another item announced as an early spoiler by FabFitFun. The value of this product alone is nearly more than I paid for the entire box, with shipping!

Gramr Gratitude Co. Thank You Card Set, Sealing Wax & Wax Press ($43)
This set includes four fall themed thank you notes with envelopes and a sealing wax set. I love note cards and try to send out hand written notes to out-of-town friends a few times a year. Gramr Gratitude Co. seems to be a subscription service (according to the Google description), but their website is currently down so I can't confirm any details. The value FFF put on this set seems very high... $43 for 4 cards, some wax, and a stamp?

LaNatura Avocado Body Butter (28g travel size, $18)
Avocado butter is famed for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and helping to heal and soothe dry skin. 
This lotion smells lovely but it's not a typical body butter. Instead of a creamy texture it's solid, like a jar of coconut oil. To use, melt some in your palm, then rub into your body. It's natural and vegan... and also very expensive. I will enjoy this small tub will it lasts, but I won't be buying a full size.

Beauty for Real True Color Lip Cream in Always There (Full size, $22)
The Lip Cream is a unique formula that provides the ultimate care for the lips with high impact, saturated color and long lasting wear. The applicator is designed with an LED light and a mirror allowing a controlled application anytime, anywhere.
The tube has a mirror on the other side and an LED light built into the cap. That's kind of ingenious!

The Honest Co. Hydrating Shea Butter Cleansing Bar in Juniper Sage ($4.95)
Who knew bar soap could be so much better? Our 84% organic bar soap is made with luxurious coconut, olive & argan oils that naturally moisturize, condition & soothe skin. 
I've only recently started using Honest Company products so I am happy to get this soap. If you are interested in trying The Honest Co., use my link here, and enter promo code HONESTLYFAB at checkout to save 25% off your order! Valid for first-time purchases only through December 31, 2014. You can check out my previous Honest Company reviews here.

CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray (8oz full size, $14.50)
CHI 44 Ceramic thermal styling helps strengthen and protect the hair from daily use of thermal tools. 
I have received a few thermal protection products recently, but I do use a straightening iron and blow dryer regularly, so this is a good product to have.

Mary's Gone Crackers - Sponsored sample

Numi Ogranic Tea - Sponsored sample

FitFusion 3 months Free
FitFusion is a digital platform that gives you access to fitness videos from famous trainers. Workout in the comfort of your own home. Use the link above and enter code ffftrial to get your first 3 months free. It's a $29.97 value. You do need to enter credit card information at sign up and once your trial is up, you will be billed unless you cancel the service. Because of this, I don't count this towards the value of the Fall Edition box.

The Honest Company 25% Off Promo Code
Use promo code HONESTLYFAB at checkout to save 25% off your order. Valid for first-time purchases only through December 31, 2014. 
The Fall Edition FabFitFun VIP box contained ten products with an approximate retail value over $202 (or $230+ with the FitFusion trial value added in). It's a fun box, containing items from a variety of lifestyle categories. A few items will be used as Christmas gifts, but most will be used by me. I don't love it as much as I loved the Summer Edition box, but I'm still happy with this box and everything inside.

If you are interested in this box, use promo code TRYFFF to receive $10 off your very own Fall Edition box. If that one doesn't work, try FALL5 to save $5. The Fall Edition boxes are almost sold out, so if you want this one, sign up today! The next box ships in the spring.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Winter Edition Luxe Box - Sneak Peek & Upgrade Options

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What is it? Luxe Box
How Much? $26 per quarter, $50 semi-annually, $96 yearly. Shipping included. What’s in it?  7-8 Trial-size products every season (4x per year) 

Luxe Box has released the first sneak peek for the Winter Edition Luxe Box:
This holiday season every Luxe Box Member will receive a complimentary sample from butter LONDON, to try out their new Moisture Matte Lipstick in “Ruby Murray”!
For a limited time only, we are offering you a chance to upgrade this special gift to the full size for $10.
This offer applies to every member, whether you choose to receive a Limited Edition or your original Winter Luxe Box. This upgrade is only available until October 28 at 11:59pm EST.

Existing Luxe Box members can click here to upgrade to the full size butter LONDON Moisture Matte Lipstick - a $25 value for only $10.This deal is too good to pass up so I already upgraded!

The first Limited Edition box for winter has been revealed as well. For an $8 fee, you can upgrade your original Winter Luxe Box to the Limited Edition Zoomer Luxe Box.

Limited Edition Zoomer Luxe Box 
Winter 2014 
Receive eight must-haves of the season, specially chosen by the Editors of Zoomer Magazine.

Products Included:
  • Orlane | Firming Serum for Neck & Décolleté (15 mL)
  • Crabtree & Evelyn | Pomegranate Nail Lacquer (Full Size)
  • Burt's Bees | Lip Crayon (Full Size)
  • skyn ICELAND | Eye Gels (Full Size)
  • Loose Button | Tweezers (Full Size)
  • Nexxus | Youth Renewal Elixir (4 mL)
  • Model Co | Power Lash Mascara (Full Size)
  • Biotherm | Blue Therapy Lift & Blur (10 mL)
** Bonus 9-issue (one-year) subscription to Zoomer Magazine

If you aren't a Luxe Box member yet, you can still sign up and receive the Winter Edition box. Click here to sign up for Luxe Box. Boxes ship in mid-December.

Click here to check out my previous Luxe Box reviews. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag Review - October 2014 - Beauty Subscription Bag

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What is it? Ipsy Glam Bag
How Much? $10 per month, plus $4.95 shipping to Canada
What’s in it?  4-5 beauty products every month 

Ipsy is a San Francisco based beauty subscription that sends a beautiful Glam Bag filled with with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Once you've received your Glam Bag, you can head over to the Ipsy Community to watch tutorial videos and play along with the Ipsy stylists, using the same products they are using.

I didn't receive a tracking e-mail until October 13, but my Ipsy bag actually shipped October 6. It arrived at my mailbox on October 14th. The theme for October is "Beauty Candy".
This month, we're whipping up the most delicious beauty confections for you in your October "Beauty Candy" Glam Bag. You'll find both beauty tricks and beauty treats all month long, with colorful and eye-catching eye-candy that you can see and sample! 

Épicé International Purifying Exfoliant (1oz, $9.70)
A unique exfoliant which removes excess dirt and dead skin cells all while activating collagen production and hydrating your skin. This moisture rich formula utilizes mild, non-irritating and anti-bacterial cleansers with micro-fine polyspheres which enhances skin texture and clarity for a clean, fresh appearance.

Starlooks Lip Gloss in Guilty Pleasure (0.3oz, $4)
Starlooks Lip Glosses are created with a truly moisturizing, luxury, non-sticky formula. This neutral-rose, yet glamorous shade provides the perfect glisten for any lip look and complements any skin tone!

ModelCo VOLUMEYES Extreme Black Mascara (7g Full Size, $20)
Get gorgeous, full, luxurious lashes with the all new VOLUMEYES Extreme Black Mascara. The intensely black, volumizing mascara separates, coats and curls each lash to voluptuous perfection. One coat and lashes are defined. Two coats and lashes are even more luscious, curled and dramatic. 

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream in Rose Berry (20ml, $6.56)
Figs & Rouge Shea Butter Enriched Limited Edition Hand Creams are deliciously fragrant & indulgent. These delectable creams soften, nourish & thoroughly pamper hands throughout the day, quickly absorbing to provide super-soft skin.

Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquer in Feeling Very Cherry (Full size, $6.99)
Feeling Very Cherry has got us feeling fine! Nicole by OPI puts salon quality at your fingertips…from the colorful world of OPI. Long lasting, Salong quality, Fast drying.

My October Ipsy Glam Bag included five products, valued at $47.25! I like the mix of skincare, body care, nail care, and makeup. I love the nail polish colour and can't wait to give myself a manicure. It's a gorgeous dark cherry colour that will be perfect for fall and winter. Scrubs and hand creams are always welcome additions to my stockpile, as is mascara. The lip gloss is lovely, but I don't need more gloss at this time so it's been added to my sell/swap board. I'm happy with the contents and value of this month's bag.

What did you get in your October Ipsy bag?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Memebox Meme Points Giveaway - Everyone is a Winner with Memebox!

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What is it? Memebox
How much? $19-$39 per box - one time purchase, plus $6.99 shipping
What's in it? 4-7 full-sized Korean beauty products and deluxe samples. Contents vary from makeup, skin care, hair, and body products.

Have you been wanting to see what all the fuss is about and experience the new craze in beauty boxes? Well, now you have a chance to win a Memebox of your very own. 

Memebox curates only the most trusted, best-loved Korean beauty products at everyday prices. An extremely competitive industry, Korean cosmetics are renowned for their unprecedented quality developed through cutting-edge technology. At the forefront of the industry, Memebox is determined to deliver the enchantment of discovery through effortless experiences, at prices you'll never say no to.
Last week I reviewed my first Memebox on the blog and now I am excited to announce that Memebox is sponsoring a giant giveaway campaign for all their affiliates. Each blogger or vlogger who hosts a giveaway will be able to pick three winners. The prizes are awarded in the form of meme points, which are rewards points that can be used towards the purchase of boxes. One point is the equivalent to one dollar.

  • One first place winner will receive thirty meme points (equivalent to one $23 box + shipping)
  • Two runner ups will receive seven meme points each (equivalent to the price of standard shipping).
And because everyone is a winner with Memebox , all entrants that sign up for a Memebox account will receive three meme points (equivalent to $3) to spend on future purchases.

  • Giveaway is open to NEW Memebox customers only.
  • Participants MUST sign up for an account with Memebox and include complete shipping details. Sign up here. Purchase is not required.
  • You must also sign up for the Memebox newsletter, otherwise they will not be able to notify you if you are a winner. The newsletter sign up is on the top right of the main page.
  • Register for this giveaway using the SAME e-mail address you use to register with Memebox. If your e-mail address is different, they won't be able to link your entry with your Memebox account!
  • Duplicate accounts are not permitted. Memebox will reject any winners found to have multiple Memebox accounts.
  •  Because this giveaway is being hosted by multiple blogs and there are potentially hundreds of prizes, Memebox has developed a way for the contest to remain fair and provide equal chance for all. You can enter as many giveaways as you like, but can only win once. For example, if you win 30 points from the giveaway at Canadian Box Addict, you will not be eligible to win 30 more points from another host.

Enter using the Rafflecopter giveaway below. Contest closes end of day Oct 20th. Winners will be chosen by me early on the 21st. Memebox will contact winners directly by Oct 24th. If chosen winners do not meet the listed requirements, Memebox will contact me to choose new winners. This giveaway is sponsored by Memebox and all prizes are furnished by Memebox.  

Good luck!

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